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Exercising on the Ketogenic Diet – Is it Safe?

As we are now well into the New Year, those of you looking to undo those weeks of overindulgence will hopefully now be well on your way to getting things back to how they were pre-festive season. If, however, you’re looking to take things to the next level, you may wish to drastically change your dietary and exercise habits by embarking on a new exercise regime, accompanied by a new nutritional plan. Ketogenic diets, sometimes simply called ‘keto’ for short, are now hugely popular amongst people looking to burn fat, build muscle, and keep their energy levels sky high. The main issue that some people seem to have with ketogenic diets however, is that (thanks to ignorance and misinformation) people often think that exercising whilst on keto can be unsafe. In reality, if done correctly, exercising on keto is not only safe, it is very beneficial. Here’s a more detailed breakdown to help make things a little clearer for you. What are Ketogenic Diets? If this is the first time you’re reading the Ketoship blog, …

Maple Walnut Pancake Syrup: New from Walden Farms

As if the epic flavour selections from the ever-popular Walden Farms wasn’t already comprehensive enough, we now have an all-new variety in the Ketoship Web Store. Walden Farms Calorie Free Maple Walnut Syrup is made with rich natural flavors including Real Maple and Hearty Walnut. Delicious on protein pancakes, in your morning oatmeal, in your bulletproof coffee, over ice cream, in smoothies or as an ingredient in desserts! Yep, it’s pretty diverse. All Walden Farms Syrups are made with rich natural flavors including pure Vanilla, Rich Caramel, Real Chocolate from Premium Natural Cocoa Beans, Fresh Fruit Extract from Strawberries, Blueberries and more. Eat healthy “The Walden Way.”  

New from Anthony’s Goods – Organic Cocoa Powder

Chocaholics rejoice! High-quality cocoa powder from Anthony’s Goods is now available in the Ketoship Web Store (along with all their other great flours and meals). This cocoa powder is imported from Dominican Republic (home of the cocoa) and is organic, non-alkalized and naturally gluten free. It’s the Good Stuff High in magnesium and full of other essential vitamins like, calcium, zinc, iron, copper and potassium this cocoa powder flour is ideal for baking, making sugar-free chocolates or a nutrient-packed cup of cocoa! Check out the nutritional info below: Aside from tasting great (with a spoon or two of Erythritol at least), cocoa actually has some surprising health benefits. It’s purported to have antidepressant effects, and contains antioxidants (polyphenols, to be precise). In fact, according to Medical News Today, cocoa is one of the highest polyphenol-containing foods! Check it out in the web store now   🙂  

Introducing Raw Pumpkin Seeds from Skout Backcountry

Introducing Raw Pumpkin Seeds from Skout – now available in the Ketoship Web Store! Many people might not realize how nutrient-dense pumpkin seeds really are. They’re packed full of protein, contain Omega-3s and also provide a source of vitamin K. These delicious snack packs  are perfect for anyone following a healthy lifestyle (and of course, they’re keto-friendly). The light seasoning means that each mouthful provides a kick of flavour, without being too overpowering. Plus, the filling power of these little beauties means that you can snack (without the guilt) if you find yourself hungry between meal times. Perfect for eating low-carb on the go, or try sprinkling them over a salad for a little extra flavour and crunch. Nutritional Info: Certified Organic Non-GMO Gluten-Free Vegan Kosher 10g Protein Raw Nutrient-Rich Dairy Free Soy Free Take low-carb snacking to a whole new level and grab yourself a pack today! Choose from three tempting flavours: Jalapeno Salsa, Sea Salt or Black Pepper Barbeque (all available here). Happy snacking 🙂

Nutlilight Spreads Now Available from Ketoship

New to the Ketoship Web Store – sugar-free chocolate & nut spreads from Nutilight! “Mixing hazelnuts and chocolate together creates a heavenly combination. Nutella saw this and created a spread that people around the world love. But what about those who can’t indulge in Nutella, because of dietary restrictions, or because they’re striving for a healthy lifestyle? Whether it’s for medical reasons or by choice, missing out on yummy treats can be a huge disappointment. Enter Nutilight, the decadent spread that was made for those whose diets have kept them from experiencing the delicious pairing of chocolate and hazelnuts!”   Nutlight is: Sugar-free Gluten-free Low in net carbs (only 1 per serving) An excellent source of Fiber Low in calories A treat to help you stay healthy and fit Kosher Plus, we have three different varieties for you to choose from: Nutlilight Hazelnut with Milk Chocolate, Nutilight Hazelnut with Dark Chocolate OR, if you fancy a break from hazelnut spreads we also offer Nutlilight Almond with Dark Chocolate. Perfect for spreading on a slice of low-carb toast for breakfast – …